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From: Mafê Bastos <mafebastos>
Date: 17 de maio de 2012 17:09:31 BRT
To: help
Subject: Re: [##80578##] mafe/Purchase for another country

Hi Paulene,

Tks for your answer.

But if my friend lives in the UK don’t you think is much more trouble to me to buy here, pay the shipping and then send it to London paying another shipping? What’s the point of doing this? Besides it gets much longer to get to the destiny!

So, in my pont of view this sort of attitude is a matter of hiding prices and the comparison of it.
This is a sort of "censure" and denial of service and information.

Must say that this kind of position of your company is such a sad thing, it curtails my right of information through the "world wide web".

Thansk for your time

On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 9:47 AM, help <help> wrote:

hello mafe,

Thank you for your email.

Im sorry to hear about your concern. Unfortunately, the lomo shop in UK is restricted to UK that is why when you go to their site you are being redirected back to the brazil shop. You could try and order from the brazil shop and once you got your order you could wrap it and give it a personal touch.That would be better since it has your personal touch and you could put in a little card. Just a suggestion!

I hope this helps!

have a great day!

Paulene Cadaing

Customer Service and Technical Support

Lomography Online International


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—- On Tue, 24 Apr 2012 09:33:54 -0700 mafebastos wrote —-

Hello there!

I’m from Brazil, live in Brazil and I’m trying to visit the UK online
store to buy a gift to a friend who lives in London, but every time I
try to do it the store becomes the Brazilian store!
I don’t want to pay in my currency and don’t want to see the prices
in Brazilian reais , why is this happening? Why is lomo forcing the
local store and avoiding us to visualize foreign stores, products and

Hope to hear from you soon! Best regards

Sent from my mind.

Mafê Bastos